Fabulous Mother Of The Bride Outfits From Frox Of Falkirk

There’s been a surge in DIY and unique weddings and those that are moving away from traditional past times. From venues like yurts and converted barns, to beach weddings and more, a wedding is now a true celebration of the couple, and their life choices. And I am all for it. It also means that guests can have a little fun with their outfits. Multicoloured bridesmaids dresses? You got it! A little sequin and a shimmer? Absolutely. Frox Of Falkirk recognise this, and have a selection of Mother Of The Bride outfits suitable for any and all kinds of tastes, and occasions. From chic and stylish, to on trend and fashionable, they have such a wide range of outfits for the Mother Of The Bride, and indeed for any guests. I have rounded up some of my favourite trends on the site. There are so many deep, rich colours and fantastic silhouettes, you’ll be spoilt for choice this season! So let’s dive right in and take a look at three of my favourite trends…

Maxi Length

A maxi dress is so elegant, isn’t it? Maxi dresses are a great choice for all manner of different kinds of occasions and venues. You can buy flowing material maxis for weddings in the Summer, or abroad, and for those who prefer something a little more tailored, Frox Of Falkirk also stock smarter maxi dresses like the ones below.


I absolutely adore florals for Spring and Summer, and I think they’re such a pretty addition to any crowd at a wedding. From bright and bold florals to painted watercolour florals, there are so many different ways you can channel this pretty trend.


If you want a dress that will really make a statement, choose one with a cape to the back. It will really add a touch of elegance and drama, and will make you feel like a movie star. Capes can range in length, to something that just skims off the shoulders, to ones right down your back, so choose depending on your preferred tastes.


What are your favourite Mother Of The Bride trends for this season?

All available from Frox Of Falkirk.


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