Eye-catching Ways You Can Transform Your Home

Decorating our homes can be something we love to do. Enabling us to stamp our personalities on our living spaces making them places we can be proud of. After all, it’s our prerogative to be king and queen of our abodes. However, with daily lives creeping in and general life taking its toll, it’s understandable that we can often find very little time to devote to decorating our homes and perfecting our decor. So as we fast approach a new year (how did that happen), I thought I would share with you some of the eye-catching ways you can transform your home. Ready for another fast-paced year ahead.

Focus on parts of each room with huge surface areas

Sometimes it’s making big changes like taking care of the walls or even the flooring that can give you the transformation you are after. Walls, in particular, can draw the attention, but flooring is one of the areas that can dramatically change the feel of the room. Wooden flooring is one of those things that can make a room feel modern, and clean finished. But carpet can make it feel cosy and warming. Which is a great decor choice during the winter months. When it comes to making changes to your home, with very little fuss and cost, you need to focus on specific areas. Living rooms, for example, have that option of a center piece, and a great one to consider is something like a log burner or stove. These givee of great heat and you can even buy the logs online, you can click here to be directed to one of the options available to you. Other aspects to consider is lighting, and having feature light fittings can be a great talking point in any room. As the nights draw in during the winter months, you may also want to think about adding more cosy styling and features to your home. Even making seasonal additions to the ornaments you have on display.

Consider feature walls to enhance a living space

If you don’t want to paint the whole interior of your home, because let’s face it this can be an upheaval in itself, but want to make it look like it has been freshly decorated then here is a quick tip. Instead of spending time and money on painting all walls, you could paint one wall and make it a feature. You could paint it in a brighter colour, or add some lovely photographs and memoirs to make it more personal. It is definitely an eye-catching feature and can often be a huge talking point amongst guests.

Get more natural light into your home

Natural light can make a world of difference to a living space, as well as your mood and productivity levels in your home. Getting as much light into the home is a big feature in itself. It can make a room feel bigger in some way, and it can certainly change how a particular colour on your wall looks. But it’s also one of the cheapest ways you can instantly give your home a lift. All you need to do is open those curtains and blinds and bring the light into your home on a more permanent basis.

Declutter your home

Sometimes it is the small changes you make that can offer the biggest transformations. Believe it or not but it is true. One of the ways you can do that is by clearing the clutter from your living spaces. Papers lying about, magazines that have been read, even cluttered shelving can make a home feel messy. Offering just five minutes each day can make a home feel tidy and transform the living spaces. What others also fail to realise is there is even potentially money to be made. By selling some of your unwanted items in your home on platforms like eBay, you could even boost your income for events such as Christmas, which is fast approaching.

Take care of the exterior to improve kerb appeal

Finally, sometimes putting some attention to the exterior of your home can make a huge difference and transformation. Cleaning up things like fallen leaves and debris can instantly give your home kerb appeal and attraction. Cleaning the windows, steam cleaning the paintwork and taking care of the driveway are some of the other ways you can improve the exterior of your home. Lastly take some pride in your garden by maintaining your lawn and looking after the flowerbeds.



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