Being More Ethical with the Way You Eat

To eat ethically is to eat without bringing unnecessary harm to something or someone, whether it be an animal, a fellow human being or the environment. And you can eat ethically, too; quite easily, in fact. To eat ethically, you just have to be thinking about being ethical every time you come to eat something. For advice on what you should be thinking about, make sure to read on.

Stop taking chunks off the world with the way you eat. 

Think about the animals

Every time you buy meat you should be thinking just how it was sourced and subsequently provided to you. You should be thinking about how the animal that provided the meat was treated during their time alive. You should be considering what kind of surroundings they would have faced and how much freedom they would have had in it. And you need to take into consideration what means were taken to kill it. This could mean only sourcing your meat from butchers or companies that take pride in the fact that they provide meat taken from animals that were treated with the utmost respect when alive, and not squashed into tight surroundings. This could mean only sourcing food that comes with a guaranteed stamp of approval in regards to the animal being killed humanely, such as the stamp of approval fresh halal chicken has. Or this could mean cutting down on your meat consumption and having breaks from eating it for whole weeks at a time.

Think about the humans

Animals aren’t the only living creatures on this earth that can be exploited and harmed when it comes to the sourcing and provision of food. No, humans can too. And it is for this reason as to why you should always consider what kind of hardship or strife a human may have had to go to in order to bring the food you eat to your table.

Specifically, this means only buying food and drinks, namely coffee, that comes marked with Fairtrade logo. When this logo can be seen on the packaging of the food or drink that you purchase, you can sure that nobody in the developing world was used or hurt in the sourcing of it.

Think about the environment

You can eat healthily and save the planet — seriously! To do so, you just have to be committed to eating ethically and thinking about the environment every time you decide to eat something. For instance, by partaking in the aforementioned decreased consumption of meat (refraining from eating meat for whole weeks) you can play your part in protecting the earth’s water usage. This is because a lot of water is needed to tend to animals, water the fields that they graze and then wash their meats.

Food can be and should be used to bring everybody together. It shouldn’t be bringing hurt or pain to anybody or anything. So, become more ethical with the way you eat and begin to think more about the consequences of filling your belly with specific foods.


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