Easy Ways to Perk up the Atmosphere of Your Home

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We feel like our lives have become boring and dull. We feel trapped in our routines, and everything feels the same. We’re bored, but we don’t know what to do to get out of it. This happens to all of us at some point, and it also happens to our homes. The décor that we used to love is suddenly tired and old. The atmosphere is poor, and we struggle to relax and find joy in our home.

When you want a quick refresh or to boost your mood, you do something for yourself. You start a diet or get your hair done. You make some little changes that can have a huge impact on your mood. When it comes to the atmosphere in your home, it’s easy to make the same kind of small change to perk it up and breathe in new life. If your home is feeling like a negative space, here are some things that you can do to inject some new life into the atmosphere.

Lose the Thick Curtains

Thick curtains have their advantages. They can help you to sleep when it’s light outside and keep heat in your home. But, if your curtains are old, dirty and damaged they can hurt the atmosphere tremendously. Lighten things up with by ordering some Venetian blinds online. These are much easier to open up fully, letting more light in and perking things up a lot.

Open Your Windows

The curtains have gone, and the blinds are open. The next step is opening your windows. Do this as often as you can to let in some fresh air. This will clear out any damp, improve the quality of the air and make your home feel and smell much fresher.

Change the Scent

Opening your windows is great for clearing any musty smells. But, unless you live in a very fragrant area, it might not be enough. To perk up the atmosphere even further, find some uplifting scents like wildflowers or sweet vanilla in the form of scented candles or plugin air fresheners.

Add Some Colour

Light coloured walls are great for making rooms feel larger and more relaxing. But, they can be a little boring. To improve the atmosphere, add some bursts of colour to your soft furnishings, accessories and even furniture. Be bold and bright and choose colours that make you smile.

Move Things Around

Has your sofa always been in the same position? Does it face the TV? This is true for most of us. The television is the focus of our homes. This can be useful after a hard day at work, but it limits your options when it comes to the positions of your pieces. Move things around a little and try new variations. Have the seats face each other to encourage conversation. Make something else the focus of your home.


Cleaning isn’t the most fun way to improve the atmosphere, but it’s crucial if you want a home that makes you happy. Give it a good spring clean, and the atmosphere will be instantly more positive.



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