Easy Ways To Save At Least £100 In A Month

Anyone that knows me will tell you I am terrible at saving money. I spend unnecessarily and I’m not proud of it. However, I do recognise it, which is one of the best ways on beginning to save money. I would definitely recommend writing down a list of all your regular outgoings (mine is in a Google Drive) that comes out of your bank monthly. That way you can take a look at what you can cut out.

There some easy things to do to save at least £100 in a month. These include;

Cancel Unnecessary Direct Debits

Netflix, Now TV, the gym you never go to. There are so many unnecessary direct debits that have been and gone in my life. I was convinced once that I was going to win the lottery, so I signed up to the National Lottery AND the Postcode Lottery. Needless to say I didn’t win, but when I cancelled both of those direct debits, I was almost £30 a month better off- jackpot!!

Travel For Less

I’m terrible for getting taxis to and from work. It’s most definitely an unneccesary spend and it’s out of pure laziness and convenience that I get them. What I should do, and what most people should do, is take a look at how the price of monthly public transport tickets works out. Whether you’re in need of a weekly bus pass for your travels, or a monthly one — you will find yourself making a huge saving in comparison to buying a ticket every day. 

Bring Your Own Lunch To Work 

I work in the city centre, and so myself and my colleagues regularly nip out for lunch on our breaks. We’ll go anywhere from the local cafe (£4 for a salad) to Five Guys (£8 for a burger!!!). This certainly adds up throughout the week, and the month. £5 a day on lunch and coffee shop drinks is £25 a week- or £100 a month!! You’ve almost hit your target there (bear in mind some of the money you save on not going out for lunch you’ll be spending on pack ups)

Sell Unwanted Technology

Do you have old iPods, iPads or iPhones lying about? Perhaps your old laptop is still in your cupboard somewhere, you have a PS1 and games that a collector would die for, or you seem to have accumulated more chargers than you have phones? There are many websites that buy and sell your old technology and you can easily get your money either in cheque form or direct to your bank within a week. Generally all you do is sign up online, put in a few details about the condition of the device, and wait for them to send a package to you with further instructions. Easy peasy!

Don’t Buy Dinner Day By Day

I live in a village that has two ‘convenience’ supermarkets- you know the smaller versions of major supermarkets? They have an OK selection of food for when you’re in a rush, except I’ve become stuck in the rut of buying my dinner day by day. This is actually really expensive, and I quite often end up making bad food choices due to the lack of fresh food and the abundance of junk food. Going to a bigger supermarket and stocking up on staples and meats means that I can cook something like a chilli or bolognese and then freeze the excess, spreading it across the week or month.

Have I missed any obvious savings here? Let me know your top tips on saving!





  1. April 8, 2018 / 11:06 am

    Great post – since moving out I’m having to look after my money more, especially with bills going out. My recent ‘smart move’ was to apply for another debit card and solely have this one set up for monthly direct debits. Each month when I get paid, I transfer a set amount of money that I know will cover my bills and leave the rest in my savers, I then transfer money to my shopping direct debit if I need it. 🙂 x

    • sarahpotter89
      April 19, 2018 / 9:30 am

      Thanks lovely, same here! x

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