Easy Home Makeovers That Are Worth Your Time

I don’t know about you, but at the turn of a New Year I always get the itch to change things up. My hair, my wardrobe and most importantly, my home. We rent unfortunately so there’s not a great deal we can actually do to our house structurally. We are lucky thought that we are allowed to decorate so that definitely makes a difference. If you own your house, something as simple as replacement windows can really make a difference. There’s nothing nicer than updating old wooden windows to sparkly new white ones- I think anyway, you may like the wood! So what else can you do to give your home a bit of a facelift?

Wallpaper vs Painting

A lick of paint can really lift a room. Colours like white and magnolia can lose their hue a little over the years and just going over your walls with a fresh coat can really help. A lot of people now are opting for paint over wallpaper, and there are so many different things you can do with paint nowadays. From full scale glitter walls, to geometric patterns with different colours, it really is amazing what you can do with paint nowadays! You can even buy spray guns that do half the work for you- magic.

Make More Room

If you do have the luxury of owning your own home and enough money to really make a difference, something like a conservatory or orangery can really be effective. Conservatories can be used to extend the space in your home, or even created as an entirely new room. I’ve seen conservatories used as man caves, as dining rooms, as kids play rooms, and much more. It’s definitely worth the investment, and the best part is that someone comes in and does the work for you- so it’s nowhere near as labour intensive for you- just costly.  

A Window To Your Soul

So as I said, replacing your windows can make sure a difference to not only the look of your house, but the warmth and cosiness of it. Double glazed windows are a must have in the freezing cold winters, ensuring you and your family are kept nice and snug. What’s great about windows nowadays is that you can buy them in so many different shapes, colours and even with patterns on the glass if you’re a fan of vintage styling. There are windows suitable for high rise flats right through to old cottages and they are really a great upgrade to have.

Fabulous Furnishings

A very visual way of updating your home would be to invest in some fabulous furnishings. These don’t have to be too much or too expensive. New cushions and thick blankets draped lovingly over your sofa can really make the world of difference. Choose a palate that will match your room and try and mix and match furnishings in that colour or of a similar ilk. There are lots of textured fabrics nowadays from velvet to knitted wool and so you are bound to find something you love, and that is completely suited to your style.

Homemade Fancies

If you are a crafty so and so, then making your own home furnishings can be such a wonderful idea. There are so many ways in which you can personalise your home with your own creations. You can make candle holders from old glass bottles, or knit your own blankets and throws. There are even crafty ways on making mini tables with pallets and so much more.


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