Dress Up Your Very Own Dressing Room

Dressing rooms were extremely popular a few decades ago. They were small rooms that women would use to get ready in. All of their clothes and shoes would be neatly tucked away, and they would also have all of their makeup and beauty products in the room as well. It would definitely be the lady of the house’s favourite room of all!

Sadly, the dressing room fell out of fashion in the middle of the last century. But you will be pleased to hear that they are slowly becoming fashionable again! And there is no wonder why – can you think of anything more deluxe than your very own room where you can focus on your look?! So, if you fancy turning your spare room into a dressing room, here are some very useful tips.

It’s All About The Dressing Table

The centre piece of most dressing rooms is the dressing table. You’ll certainly be able to find one that suits your style. Kernow Furniture have a nice selection of vintage and antique tables that will suit a retro or vintage style room but you will also be able to find more contemporary styled tables. Once your table is in place, it’s important that you keep it nice and organised. That way, it’s easy to find specific pieces of jewellery or beauty products. You can do this by creating different sections in the drawers with dividers.

Organise Your Wardrobe

As well as your dressing table, it’s important that you properly organise your wardrobe. Most people have large inbuilt or even walk-in wardrobes in their dressing rooms, and organising them correctly will make it easier to find things. You might want to store all your clothes according to their colour as this will help you plan your outfits. It’s also a good idea to box up any clothes that aren’t right for the particular season.

Are You A Girly Girl? 

This dressing room is all about you! It’s your own little space in which you can do as you please, so it is important that the decor reflects this. So why not keep things nice and girly if that’s what you love? One way you can do this is to buy some floral shoe boxes. It’s a good idea to keep shoes in boxes to protect them, but the ones you buy them in aren’t that attractive. Instead, buy some patterned ones so you can incorporate them into the decor. Adding a pretty linen basket can also help improve your decor and hide away your dirty washing!

Go With Fitted Furniture

Most people only have a small room to turn into their dressing room. If this is the case with yours, you might find that you struggle to find enough space for your furniture. However, you can solve this by adding fitted furniture. If you get pieces measured up and made especially for those awkward gaps, you’ll easily be able to fit seating and storage into your room!

So, why settle for a cramped wardrobe in your bedroom when you could do up your spare room into a cute dressing room?!


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