The Dos and Don’ts Of Planning Your Wedding

If you are planning your wedding after just getting engaged (or are just planning your dream wedding on Pinterest; hey, I won’t judge), then you’ll know that there are lots of different things to think about. From the invites to your first dance, there are lots of different things to plan and arrange. So to help you on your way, I have put together a quick guide of some dos and don’ts for your planning your wedding. See what works for you or is relevant to you, of course, and then they can go from there. Good luck with your plans!


Do Think Twice Before You Do It Yourself

If you have a bit of a creative flair or have family members that do, then you might have been thinking of doing a lot of things yourself. That can all be very well to save a little cash. But do be warned! People like professional photographers, florists, and cake makers, are there for a reason; they are professionals and experts at what they do. So even if you have got a friend that is good at making cupcakes, would they really be up to making your wedding cake? The same goes for things like wedding invitations too. If you are just trying to save money, then you might just be giving yourself added stress if you chose to make them yourselves. So just think carefully before you decide to go for a cheaper or ‘DIY’ option.

Don’t Forget To Rehearse

You can save yourself a lot of stress on your actual day and the lead up to it, by taking time to do plenty of rehearsals. Familiarize yourself with the wedding venue and make sure you’re happy with what will be where. If the venue will be doing the decorating, make sure you’re clear on what everything will look like and where everything will be. You should even have run throughs of your hair and makeup, as well as trying on your dress. Don’t go far in it, but try it on several times, to make sure that you’re happy and comfortable in it. It goes without saying to do this with your shoes too; you don’t want to get blisters on your wedding day!

Do Set a Budget & Keep Track Of It

Having a budget is so important to make sure that you get everything done that you need to, but without having to get into debt to do so. So to start with, have that conversation with your other half about the kind of wedding that you want to have, as well as what you have saved for it. Speak to parents and relatives too as they may want to contribute. Then you just have the important task of keeping on top of it all. Never was there a better excuse to get a wedding notebook and a spreadsheet on the go! Write everything down, including any extras like VAT or the money you’ll need for gifts for your bridesmaids, for example.

Don’t Forget To Delegate

You will have a million and one things to be thinking about, so where you can delegate tasks to other people. Your maid of honour and bridesmaids should be planning your hen party or wedding shower for you, for example. It is tradition to do that anyway, so make sure they know that that is the plan. If you haven’t got time to look up local photographers, then ask your mum to look into some for you, just for your approval later. It will save yourself some time and stress if you can delegate work out to others.

Do Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

When it comes to picking bridesmaids and groomsmen, you need to take your time and think wisely. Don’t just choose people that you think you need to choose. Choose the people that you want to choose! It sounds a bit silly, but many people have their cousin as a bridesmaid just because their mum wants them too, even though they barely speak. You want your wedding party to be the people that are closest to you. They will be there every step of the way too, from the hen party to the actual wedding day. So choose them wisely. The same goes for picking who will be the best man or the maid of honour. You need to think about who will be up to the job. A lot of responsibility comes with the role, so you need to think about who will be up to the task. They are there to help you on your wedding day, as well as in the planning, so it needs to be someone who is responsible enough and will take the task on seriously.

Don’t Forget Your Honeymoon!

A lot of couples nowadays don’t always go on their honeymoon straight after their wedding. But if you are planning to do just that, don’t forget about it all on your run up to the wedding. As well as your wedding, you need to be thinking about packing for your honeymoon. So set a day aside to plan for it and get everything you might need, like sun lotion and other toiletries. Then you can get all packed and then just leave that to one side. Don’t forget to check that your passport is in date either.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

At the end of the day, this is your wedding! You’ll want to enjoy it all and have fun. So make sure that you do have some fun along the way. If things are becoming too stressful, then take some time out to relax a little. Delegate to family members or friends, and make sure that your other half is pulling their weight in the wedding planning too! You want to be able to look back on this time with fond memories, not feelings of stress or dread. Have you got any other dos or don’ts that you would add to the list?


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