DIY Wooden Furniture? You Can Do It

Wood is everywhere. It seems that more and more interior design trends are focusing on exposed, natural wood pieces as opposed to sleek and shiny PVC or brushed metal. Coloured wooden furniture and upcycled items are also popular choices to update your home.

Wooden furniture is beautiful and creates that Scandi-chic vibe you’ll see across many interior magazines and blogs today, but it comes at a price. For pieces that are truly unique and affordable, DIY is the way forward. You can create some gorgeous pieces for your home without much expertise or tools using some of the useful tips below.

Keep it simple

Think about the kind of wooden furniture you want to create – what are you looking to achieve? Anything that’s too intricate or complicated could be out of your reach, so thinking simply will help you to plan a piece that is more within your abilities. It’s worth browsing online at DIY wooden furniture inspiration to help you find some ideas; you never know what sorts of items you might like.

Get creative with unwanted/unused items

Before you start sourcing some wood, you might find that you have items lying around that could be repurposed into something different. Lots of people have had fun turning pallets into different items such as bed frames, garden decking, and even coffee tables. Think about the wooden items you have around your home that you no longer like or use – you might be able to give them a new purpose with some TLC.

Source wood from quality suppliers

To build something completely from scratch, it makes sense to buy wood from a quality supplier that can measure and cut the wood to the size you need – ideal for DIY newbies who lack the tools (or patience) to trim wood to size. This means that the wood you select will already have a good finish and allow you to create high-quality pieces that look like they’ve walked out of a designer showroom. A specialist timber supplier like George Hill Timber can help you to choose the type of wood you want, planed and ready for use. You can choose from small panels to arrange into designs yourself, or opt for larger pieces to make large items such as dining tables and desks.

Practice with smaller items

Before you commit yourself to a large-scale DIY project, it might be worth practicing on smaller, simple DIY furniture projects. This can help you to learn more about prepping and painting wood, sanding and drilling. If you don’t envisage carrying out many DIY projects, you might not want to invest too heavily in a tool kit and could always borrow from friends or family who might be able to give you helping hand too. When it then comes to putting together the bigger items, you might want to try watching some YouTube tutorials or step-by-step articles that can show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Experiment with different finishes

There are several finishes you can try to give your wooden furniture a look and feel that suits your home. Chalk paint remains a popular choice for upscaling furniture and comes in various colours. It’s worth reading a guide on how to prep and paint wooden furniture to help make sure you have everything you need to get started. Other finishes you might want to consider are metallic paints which can be easy to apply with spray paint to give wood a modern finish that takes in one of this season’s top décor trends.

Take your time

Creating your own DIY wooden furniture should be a labour of love, not a chore. It’s important that you take your time and use it as a project to de-stress you rather than rushing to the finish line. Do each bit in stages and if it helps you to stay on-task, create the desired schedule of when you should complete each part of the process. Allow yourself enough time to correct mistakes and put the finishing touches to it; it will be much less stressful if you take your time and enjoy the process.  

Making your own furniture is fun and crafty hobby that has many possibilities. There’s nothing better than showing off something you’ve made or have friends compliment you on your new ‘designer’ piece. Take a look at some modern living room inspiration for some ideas on pieces you can make to give your home an update without breaking the bank. Make sure that you document your efforts and share your DIY triumphs with others!


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