Curve Fashion Festival With Simply Be #MoreThanOurBodies

Since their debut event in September 2015 thousands of women from all over the World have descended on The Curve Fashion Festival (TCFF) for a full day of shopping, fashion shows, industry seminars and celebrity meet and greets. The Curve Fashion Festival is your one stop to “Shop Til You Drop” with some of the biggest names in High Street & Online Fashion! 2015, 2016 and 2017 saw Plus Size Collections from River Island, Marks & Spencer, Simply Be, Very, Elvi, Boohoo, New Look and so many more! There would generally be a marketplace for you to shop at as well as catwalk shows and panel discussions running throughout the day.

I was debating on whether to attend the event, as I had only ever watched from before, so when Simply Be got in touch with me to kindly send me to the event as part of the #MoreThanOurBodies campaign, I saw it as fate and jumped at the chance. The brand is one of my absolute favourites, and I can always find something to wear whether it be for day, or for night at Simply Be. I think the products are fashion forward, affordable, and their advertisements and campaigns smash it each and every time.

I, along with two other amazing bloggers, Lucie and Danielle, were put up in the Hotel Indigo in Liverpool the evening before so we could get a good nights rest and rock our Simply Be outfits that we were given to wear on the day. Unfortunately I didn’t pre-plan and book the day or afternoon off worked, so travelled to Liverpool after work. I am from Leicester so it was a bit of a slog, meaning I got to the hotel a little later than the other girls. I opted for a loooong pampering shower with the Aveda products they supplied, and an earlyish night, as I was up early in the morning to get my hair and makeup done.

I had contacted a company called Orchid Blush to come in and do my hair and makeup for me. One, because I knew we’d be taking photos for Simply Be, and two, because I was going out on the Saturday evening and wanted to make sure my hair and makeup stayed firmly in place. Something I can never really do on my own. I had chosen a wild red leopard print skirt from Simply Be, so wanted my makeup to be a little out there too. Gina at Orchid Blush worked with me to create a lovely smokey red eye with full lashes and nude lipstick. I loved it. She also curled my hair and I felt fab. Then, it was time for the clothes.

I’ve mentioned the fabulous red leopard print skirt I chose, and I paired it with a mesh leopard print body, a silver and black belt, and black shoes with a floral detailing. As I am not overly keen on having my arms on show, and I knew it would be a tad chilly, I popped on my longline silky kimono, also from Simply Be, and a faux fur scarf. I really did feel fabulous in my outfit. Aside from Simply Be being a favourite of mine, and that I really did want to go to TCFF, a main factor in me agreeing to the campaign was the ethos behind it.

The #MoreThanOurBodies campaign was put in place to show people that it doesn’t matter what we/I look like, it’s everything else I bring to the metaphorical table that you should be basing me on. My loyalty and love for my friends and family, my ambition in my career, my sometimes unwavering and intense passion for crappy TV, a love of fantasy books, and probably my annoying overbearing affection for my boyfriend. These are the things that define me. Not the size or shape of my body. THIS is the reason I said yes. Because not only do I firmly believe on not judging people by their looks, I wanted to push myself to do more outfit posts.

So as I headed down to breakfast, with an extra little sass in my step, I was excited to meet my companions for the day, and what a hoot we had from the moment I sat down. We opted for pancakes, maple syrup, bacon and HALLOUMI. Yes Hotel Indigo Liverpool, you guys know how to do breakfast. The staff were lovely, and Lucie, Danielle and I spent some time getting to know each other before hopping in an Uber to the event. The venue was absolutely stunning, both inside and outside, and I knew it was busy by the sheer volume and the heat that engulfed you as you walked in. There were the obvious issues in accessibility, in that the stalls that the brands were in in the marketplace were a little too close together- and at any event it would’ve been difficult to navigate round, but for a plus size event, it made it almost impossible to move at more than a snail’s pace, and definitely impossible for the lovelies in wheelchairs.

It made me realise how lucky I am to be able bodied, and so I definitely tried to make a visit to each and every stall. There was everything from fashion to beauty and food. I felt so empowered and comfortable around fellow fatties who were absolutely ROCKING their outfits. I even had a few twinnies who were also wearing red leopard print, and we gave each other the obligatory wave and point to our outfits. Funny story- at the end of the event, three of us actually went to the loo at the same time and compared our red leopard print outfits.

Not only was there a marketplace, but of course there were several fashion shows throughout the day that showcased both established brands and niche brands, and panel discussions in which top bloggers and vloggers took to the sponsored stages to answer questions. It was such an inspiring and insightful day, and I was so grateful to be a part of it.

Simply Be also interviewed me for their blog as part of the campaign, and their roundup of The Curve Fashion Festival. Read the Simply Be blog.

A huge thank you to Simply Be for hosting me, and for sending me the fiercest of outfits (for me anyway).

Links to outfit;

Simply Be

Simply Be Red Leopard Hanky Pleat Skirt

Simply Be Black Animal Flock Cold Shoulder Body

Black Eyelet Jeans Belt

Evie Flower Pumps 

*In collaboration with Simply Be


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