Curating A Capsule Wardrobe For You & Them

A New Year has arrived, and with it, fresh new hopes, dreams and goals. I love the New Year because it’s a chance to reflect on the previous year, as well as to cleanse any clutter, whether physical or emotional, ensuring you go into the New Year armed with everything you need. One important thing I always dois have a wardrobe clear out and start to create my own capsule wardrobe for the next season. A capsule wardrobe is a very tightened collection of clothing that is both stylish, on trend and would work for many occasions. No more clutter or mismatched clothes. If your clothes are years old, or don’t fit you anymore, or are falling apart at the seams, BIN THEM. A capsule collection is put together, sleek and stylish, and is applicable to you, and to them. So, I have put together some examples on how you can sort out your clothes and create a curated range for 2019.


Have you ever been searching through your child’s wardrobe, desperate to find something that isn’t clean but stained, or something that is starting to cut their circulation off? My best friend’s child, who is 5, has SO many clothes, and I always thought it would be so much easier to curate a capsule collection for the little ones. From basic tees and tops from places like Gap, to smarter pieces from Zara for those special occasions, childrenswear has come on leaps and bounds since I was a kid in the nineties. In fact, childrenswear is often JUST AS if not MORE stylish than their adult counterparts. I can’t even tell you the amount of things I see that I wish they would replicate in adult ranges.


So a good rule of thumb when sorting out your capsule collection is to have key basics like tees that you can dress up or dress down with blazers, and statement jewellery. Speaking of statement pieces, a really incredible and potentially unique piece within your curated range is a must have. Whether it be a pop of on trend colour- think Living Coral for 2019, or a bold print (hello leopard!), it will certainly be welcome addition. If you divided your capsule collection into segments too- basic work, smart work, casualwear and eveningwear it will be easier for you to work out what you don’t need, and what additions you may want to pick up. If adding new clothing into your collection isn’t doable, you could always add in new jewellery options. Whether you’re a fan of fine jewellery or a lover of a good chunky necklace, there is so much to choose from in 2019.


Again with menswear, a mixture of basic pieces and smart pieces are always a winner and there are lots of pieces you can pick up on the highstreet, or premium pieces if that’s your bag. A few pairs of quality jeans, smart trousers like chinos or suit trousers, plain tees, shirts, and quality outerwear like blazers and macs are always a favourite in the menswear world, and will keep you look smart nomatter where you are heading. Shoes range from loafers to brogues this season, and there are even more sports footwear and trainers being released that can add a touch of youth to your wardrobe.

What would you include in your perfect capsule collection for 2019?


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