Creating A Kitchen That’s Great For Entertaining

If you love to entertain, you’ve probably noticed that no matter how nice you make your living room or dining area, people inevitably gravitate towards the kitchen. Partygoers just love being where the food and drink is and in most cases that’s the kitchen. So, if you want to be known as the hostess with the mostess and you want your parties to be remembered for all the right reasons, it might be worth spending some time and money on creating a kitchen that’s great for entertaining.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

Expand it

If money’s no object and you really do do a lot of entertaining, consider building a kitchen extension. Not only will it give your guest more room to maneuver, but it will probably add value to your home too.

Keep the Appliances Sleek

Keeping all of your kitchen appliances, including the fridge, as sleek as possible is another way of maximising the space available to you so that your guests don’t end up getting a bit too close and personal with each other.

Warm Your Drawers

Putting your undies in the microwave might be entertaining for your guests, but that’s not what I’m talking about here; what I’m talking about is installing warming drawers which will keep your food at the right temperature and quality until you’re ready to serve.

Install an Island

Installing a kitchen island might take up some space in your kitchen, but since it can be used, in conjunction with modern bar stools, as a makeshift bar, it’s a sacrifice worth making. Your guests will love it!

Let Me Entertain You

Keeping your guests entertained in the kitchen isn’t just about keeping the food coming and the wine flowing (okay it’s a lot about that) it’s also about providing them with lots of fun things to do – enter the kitchen entertainment system. Having at least a TV and sound system in the kitchen is essential if you want your party to be rocking. You might also want to add a karaoke machine and games console into the mix for good measure.

Lovely Lighting

What party would be complete without lots of lovely lighting to set the scene?  In the kitchen, you can’t really go wrong with candles, fairy lights, and lanterns, all of which provide just the right amount of soft light, and which make the place look more magical and party-like.

An Ice Machine

There’s nothing worse than running out of ice when the party is in full swing, forcing you to either serve your guest’s warm drinks or run out to buy more. Luckily, if you have your very own ice machine in the kitchen, this is one problem that you no longer have to worry about.

Cute Crockery and Utensils

Last, but certainly not least, you need to ensure that your home is well stocked with a selection of crockery and utensils that will allow you to elegantly serve everything from salads to sushi, and which looks good. The last thing you want is to be serving your guest’s dessert in a chipped bowl or mixing salad with a wooden spoon because you have no tongs!

Now, all that remains is to invite some guests!


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