Converse remind me of being fifteen. In one whole summer I’d gone from a slightly awkward, slightly chavvy girl to a full blown ‘indie queen’. Admittedly, I thought I pulled the look off well, it helped my friends were in a band, and I genuinely loved some of my outfit choices, still do. I truly believe I founded ‘my style’ when I embraced that adolescent phase. Of course I’ve refined that look, and am less try hard now, but the roots were firmly fixed. To this day, I still look at converse with fondness, even though I haven’t wore a pair for a good few years- I’m more of a cute pair of pumps/boots/heels kind of girl nowadays, trainers never come into the mix. So when I received an email that Converse were teaming up with a few of the UK’s finest creative talents to design some exclusive bags and accessories, I was overjoyed- could it be that I get to wear Converse again?

These experts, who are the in people on style within fashion, music and culture were let loose on a canvas duffle bag, a pencil case and a notebook were given the freedom to express their personal style in their own way. A few of the fashion savvy line up include…

  • The amazing stylist and pretty much queen of all fashion trades Alexis Knox.
  • Britta Burger, acting Editor at Cooler magazine.
  • Hope Von Joel, niece of Jean Shrimpton and amazing accessories designer.
  • Chantelle Fiddy, journalist and television & radio presenter.

The new line of Converse Bags & Accessories is available now at stockists including Schuh, JD Sports and   Prices range from £19 – £54.95



  1. September 29, 2011 / 7:35 pm

    That first style is AWESOME. The red/white stripes and fluffy bag all with eyes, loving it. XD

    Converse is really cool, and also comfortable – win!

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