Celeb-Worthy Engagement Rings From Taylor & Hart

There is something so exciting about a celebrity wedding. I think it’s mainly down to the fact that they often have the budget that I wish for. They can be as lavish and indulgent as possible, and there are literally no boundaries when it comes to their nuptials. A ceremony on a private island? No problem. One hundred white doves? Absolutely achievable. And the rings, oh the rings.

One of my favourite parts of celebrities getting hitched actually happens way before the big day. It’s getting a glimpse of their ring. Kate Middleton’s beautiful blue sapphire and diamond ring that was once owned and worn by Princess Diana is one of my all time favourites. I also really loved the sheer opulence of Jennifer Lopez’s pink diamond that Ben Affleck gave to her. Which she reportedly gave back to him when they split – what a woman!

I’m also researching engagement rings, y’know, just in case (at the moment, rose gold or platinum and morganite would be my dream engagement ring, so if anyone knows my boyfriend, feel free to pass that message on!) and quite often I see rings that I think would suit a celebrity down to a tee. Whether it be the cut, the colour or just the general meaning behind the ring, there are many ways to match an engagement ring to preferences and lifestyles. I’ve put together a list of celebrity inspired engagement rings from Taylor & Hart and married them up with celebrities that I think would rock them!


Rihanna loves to be individual and I’d like to think she would eschew the traditional white diamond in favour of something with more colour. This beautiful emerald cut yellow sapphire ring with diamond baguettes would add the perfect pop of colour, and would suit the Barbadian beauty so well. It’s unique yet still retains an elegant and chic silhouette- just like Ri-Ri.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi is super elegant and always very polished- she reminds me of a modern day Brigette Bardot, very beautiful with a long glossy mane. I think a yellow diamond surrounded by a cluster of small diamonds would suit her chic look down to a tee. The yellow of the diamond is a nice modern update to a traditional white diamond, and very popular for those wanting to remain stylish but with a touch of personalised style.

Jennifer Lopez

Ok, so there’s so many stories out there about J-Lo marrying her current beau, I can’t help but wonder what her choice of engagement ring would be. She’s obviously had that beautiful baby pink rock like I mentioned, but I think this time round a diamond, surrounded by many other diamonds would be a great change for her. She loves a little bling, but she’s still grounded as she famously sang about, and I think this platinum wrap diamond halo ring encompasses traditional and modern.

Emma Watson

Ahhh Emma Watson. I couldn’t not choose a ruby red ring for Emma Watson to represent the rose in Beauty & The Beast. I think Emma would definitely be a traditional gold kind of girl, and this cushion cut ruby ring with diamonds set in gold is a lovely shape and silhouette. The richness of the red will bring vibrance and warmth to both the skin tone and the outfits, and Emma is known for her very elegant and refined style.

Emma Stone

Wouldn’t this sapphire ring with twisted pave band look spectacular on Emma Stone? It would be a great contrast against her beautiful red hair.  Emma is a classic beauty; she quite often styles her hair in vintage waves, and her makeup is always very chic and sultry. I think she’d love the detailing on this ring, and it would be a fantastic choice for her style.

Jennifer Lawrence

Just like her bestie Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence is a classic beauty. Her breath-takingly stunning dresses for awards ceremonies are always on the best dressed pages, and even in her day to day life, Jennifer manages to look very chic and fresh. That’s why I think this hexagonal diamond ring with rose gold band would be perfect. It combines aspects of traditional engagement rings, in the form of a gem set band, and gives it a thoroughly modern update with the inclusion of a unique shape, and the colour of the season, rose gold!


*This post is in collaboration with Taylor & Hart


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