Catch Some Zzzzzs by Making Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

In today’s highly charged world, getting as much sleep as you need is something which is becoming more and more challenging. Obviously, your bedroom plays a big role in this, but there are plenty of ways that you can turn it into a more sleep-friendly environment. In this article, we are going to talk about a few of the top ones so as soon as you step through the bedroom door, your body automatically knows it is time to drift off.

Comfy Mattress, Duvet and Pillows

Probably the most important thing is what you are actually going to be sleeping on and under. If you constantly feel springs digging into your back, this is never going to help you drift off. Getting the mattress right is so important, so make sure you try out some different options before you settle on one. Next up, you should start looking at duvets and pillows. Once you get all these things right, you are much more likely to get the sleep that you need.

Reduce the Temperature

We have all experienced the nightmare (excuse the pun) situation of trying to sleep on a warm summer’s night. It is generally easier to drift off in a cooler room, and there is something lovely about wrapping yourself up in a duvet to keep out the chill. Open the windows, use fans or air conditioning to reduce the temperature when you need to.

Shut the Curtains

Too much light streaming in through the windows is one of the most disruptive things when you are trying to get to sleep every night. Many people choose to invest in black-out blinds as these keep out the light entirely. The only problem is that they may throw your body clock off completely so you struggle to wake up in the morning! Choose blinds or curtains that let in the level of light that you are most comfortable with.

Remove Electronics from the Room

Some of the main things that are keeping us up at night are the TVs, smartphones, tablets and laptops that have found their way into our bedrooms. If you want to create a better sleeping environment, you should remove all of these from the bedroom. After all, you can easily wait to fire off that work email or check Facebook for the 50th time that day!

Paint and Declutter Your Room

The colour of your room can have a big impact on how easy it is to sleep, so try shades of blue, purple and light pink which have been shown to calm your emotions. As well as this, you should remove any unnecessary clutter from the room as this is another factor which can have a negative effect on your overall mood.

Creating a bedroom environment that is right for sleeping is a great thing to do for both your physical and mental health and wellbeing, so take these steps to see the difference they will make.  



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