Budget Friendly Wedding Tips That Many Happy Couples Overlook

Depending on the study you read, the average UK wedding can cost anywhere in the region of £15k-£30k. While nobody can put a price on the magic of enjoying the best day of your life, those vulgar sums can put a dampener of your day. After all, financial limitations shouldn’t stop any couple from celebrating their love.

It is still possible to have the dream wedding without completely breaking the bank. Not only will it remove some of the stress during the preparations, but it will free up more money for future life goals. The key is to employ creative thinking and analyse every element. Here’s all you need to know.


Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most difficult preparation tasks. Not only do you need to find a great place in an ideal location, but it needs to be available on the date you want too. However, that shouldn’t force you into accepting an over the top package that you don’t need.

Many venues insist that you use their caterers, interior designers, and other planners. In truth, you can save a lot of money by sourcing those items yourself. Whether it’s flower arrangements or table decorations, the independent option puts you in greater control. In turn, that means you’ll get the wedding that you deserve.

If the costs are still a concern, you may want to think about the date of your big day too. A summer Saturday wedding is going to be more expensive than one on an autumnal Tuesday. Weigh up the options, and you should make the right decision.


If there’s only one day in your life where you’ll want to look your best, the wedding day is the clear winner. There’s nothing wrong with spending big on those outfits, but it is important to cut costs where possible. After all, you can still look equally stunning at a fraction of the cost.

The most obvious way to save money is to rent the outfits rather than buy them. It’s not for everyone, though, as many couples like to keep their attire for memories. The other option, however, is to save money on the footwear. Affordable shoes can still look amazing. Besides, if the bride is wearing a long dress, they’ll barely get noticed anyway.

Meanwhile, this is one purchase where you can often haggle on the price. For the sake of asking a few questions, you could save a couple of hundred pounds.   

Stag, Hen, Honeymoon

Wedding plans aren’t only consumed by the day itself. There’s also the stag, hen, and honeymoon to consider. While they are important traditions, opting for budget-friendly options is important.

Sticking to your local town is an option for the stag and hen parties. Then again, you can still visit a number of European countries on the cheap with On The Beach. As long as you take care not to waste money along the way, it should be just fine. Alternatively, you could do something fun like camping or an adventure weekend.

As for the honeymoon, one solution is to get married abroad and incorporate it all as one. In most cases, though, you will want a holiday to celebrate your marriage. If you’re open to destinations, you can usually find cheap late deals.   


On your big day, you’ll need the help of many different services. Firstly, booking early avoids disappointment and may secure a significant discount. However, this isn’t the only route to saving money.

Rather than booking a photographer for the whole event, why not leave the evening photos to guests. A few disposable cameras will cost far less, and the pictures will give a far more honest account of the day. The savings can start before the big day too with invites from Paper Themes. Apart from saving money, playing a more active role will increase your excitement.

Jobs can be completed by yourselves on the day too. Whether it’s the bride’s makeup or the groom’s transport, the DIY option will create vast savings. And it will make a big difference on the day.


Even when you take a strict approach to spending, the wedding will cost a significant sum of money. However, there is another way to reduce the financial blow. Rather than getting gifts, why not ask guests to help out with the planning?

This could include asking someone to handle the DJ set, or you may want someone to bake your wedding cake. Alternatively, you may ask the best men and bridesmaids to pay for their own outfits. It can feel a little strange asking for this type of support, but most guests would prefer to provide genuine help.

Besides, no newlywed couple really needs four toasters and three kettles. Ultimately, if that external support can help you gain the dream wedding you deserve, you owe it to yourself to grab it.


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