Bring That Spa Retreat Home

Going away on holiday means being able to enjoy luxuries that are otherwise unavailable at home. Infinity pools, unlimited gym use, spa massages…you name it, your holiday has it, and it’s exactly why you choose to go away in the first place. What if you could bring a little piece of that holiday vibe home with you?

When you think about it, the holiday you take is all about making your life better – even just for a little while. Choosing to go down the route of Million Dollar Makeovers and have your home renovated to match a piece of your holiday is just as much of an escape and means you can harness a little luxury in your own home. The one place you can really enjoy that is the bathroom. Think about that hotel wet room that you enjoyed, with the steam showers and jet washes that trail down the whole wall. That type of luxury is simply unheard of in the home…unless you put it there. You could turn the most functional room of the home into one of total luxury and serenity, and all with a little imagination. We’ve got six of the easiest ways you can bring that holiday luxury to your home:

Linen. If there’s one thing that all hotels seem to have in common, it’s the abundance of soft, fluffy white linens. Pillows, towels, throws and duvets are all crisp and white convey a wonderful feeling of cleanliness and you can add that to your personal bathroom at home with very little effort. Your white linens can cool down a warm colour palette and bring a little brightness to an otherwise colourful room.

Tub-Grade. Look at the built-in bathtub you currently have. It’s the central piece to any bathroom and if you have the chance to upgrade it, you should. Clawfoot tubs like this that stand alone in the bathroom are far more luxurious than the built-in ones against the wall. Ripping out a tub and replacing it can be expensive, but it’s absolutely worth it if you can enjoy a spa-feel.

Nature. The idea of adding plants to a bathroom may seem a little out there, but plants purify the air and bring colour to an otherwise sparse space. They have calming properties and can make you feel rejuvenated and alive.

Nature – Part II. When you decorate your bathroom with pieces of nature, you can create an illusion of beauty and charm. Think pebbles and polished rocks. Think twigs sprayed with varnish and edged around the ceiling. You can do so much with a little nature.

Lighting. Spas abroad have a knack for calm, relaxing atmospheres and a big part of that atmosphere is the lighting. You can have low, candle lighting for those relaxing moments and yet keep the bright lights in the ceiling for those grooming moments that matter!

All of these elements together make for an exquisitely relaxing in-home spa experience that you can live with. No need to wait around for the next holiday when you have a little of it with you!


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