Brighten Up Your Teeth With Snow Teeth Whitening

The practice of brushing, and whitening teeth may well seem like an ultra modern trend, but in actual fact the art of teeth whitening has been around for years and years.

According to microcopydental, “Early man used frayed sticks and thorns from bushes to clean and scrape their teeth. Once civilization began to emerge, white teeth were a sign of nobility and wealth. Romans used a paste of urine and goats milk. Egyptians used pumice and a wine vinegar. 12th century physicians recommended that patients use a sage and salt rub to whiten their teeth or that they scrub them with the Elecampane flower. The public turned to barbers for their dental needs in the 17th century, who would use a metal file to make the teeth abrasive and then paint them with nitric acid. The late 18th century brought about the use of bleaching with oxalic acid by some physicians. While all these techniques probably worked to an extent, they also caused immeasurable damage to the teeth.

With the dawn of the 19th century, dental professionals were concerned with healing the gums from disease and infection, especially in conjunction with braces and corrective orthodontic wear. They had discovered the positive restorative effects of hydrogen peroxide and were constantly developing ways to enable patients to keep their gums exposed to it for longer periods of time. In 1918, it was discovered that a heated lamp in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide would lighten teeth. A dentist in the late 1960’s discovered that after prescribing an overnight soak in carbamide peroxide using an orthodontic positioner for gum irritation, the teeth were significantly whiter.

The idea was tossed around the dental convention circuit for 20 years before it really took off. A thick whitening gel, Opalescence carbamide peroxide (Ultradent Products), was patented in 1989 and is still the basic technique used today. Dentists offices began offering tray whitening services and strip whitening also began to take off. Another technique used in offices today is to visit the dentist several times consecutively to have highly concentrated bleaching solution applied in conjunction with an LED light. Tooth bleaching trays are custom made to fit the exact mold of the patients teeth.”

But, a trip to the dentist can be a costly one, and so the popularity of at home whitening really took off. There are everything from toothpastes to mouthwashes that claim to brighten teeth, but often it’s only a minimal change, and rarely a permanent one.

After spending thousands of dollars trying to whiten his teeth, Snow’s founder was left with pretty much the same smile he started with. “There has to be a better way” he thought. He then went on to develop, Snow, engineered to be the most advanced formula + technology in the world. Now, the company is on a mission to help others who want bright white pearly teeth, and it’s available in 180+ countries.

Their website states that benefits include;

  • Fast results guaranteed with 99.1% ratings
  • Enamel-safe professional formula only sold by Snow
  • Celebrity favourite used by dozens of A-list celebrities
  • 5-Year warranty so you can smile for years
  • No dentist visit or prescription required
  • Revolutionary formula doesn’t cause sensitivity
  • Fast shipping worldwide
  • Award-winning technology recommended by dentists
  • 5x faster than strips
  • Full-size whitening wands, not mini-sized
  • Easy to use right out the box
  • Never tested on animals.
  • Profits from each order are donated to families that can’t afford dental care

Most customers see results within 3 days of using Snow. We recommend you use it until you are satisfied with the whiteness of your teeth. Allow up to 21 days of consistent use 15-30 minutes each whitening session. Results vary. Some teeth whiten dramatically in just a few days, while others can take a few months. Snow is scientifically formulated to erase tough stains like years of coffee or red-wine drinking.

So what’s included in the kit?

  • Whitening wands, including an extra strength wand.
  • Lip protectant
  • LED light
  • Desensitising serum
  • Shade Guide
  • Instructions
  • Success tips card

Four steps to Snow white teeth;


Brush your teeth for two minutes using circular motions. When finished, floss and rinse.


Twist up the wand and apply serum to each tooth – paint each tooth as you would your nails!


Once the serum has been applied to your teeth, plug the LED light into your device and put the mouthpiece in. Keep the light in for 10-30 minutes (time varies based on your desired whiteness)


After whitening for your desired length of time, unplug and remove the light from your mouth. Rinse both the light and your mouth, and voila! You’re done!

There are so many review over on Snow’s social media of happy customers and impressive results, it’s certainly an easier way of getting Snow white teeth in the comfort of your own home.

For more information, visit the Snow website today.

*In collaboration with Snow


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