So, I’ve decided to Boossh again. I’m currently in a really strange transition in regards to my weight. I’ve started seeing a nutritionist who deals with bariatric patients (gastric bands and the like) and simultaneously being tested for a condition called Lipodema. If you haven’t heard of Lipodema and carry a lot of excess ‘weight’ on your bottom half but not really on your top half (except your arms) please look into it. It may well answer some questions for you. It’s definitely answered some for me. Anyway, I digress… Since seeing my dietician and learning about weight loss surgery etc, I’ve come to learn some things about myself that I probably knew already but are things that are pushed upon you as a bigger women. I don’t use food in the right way, that is for nutrition. Slowly but surely my dietician has made me look at food in it’s most basic form. What nutrition am I getting from this? Am I going to feel like crap later on. While my progress will eventually be stumped by Lipodema should I have it (again, please do look it up!) I do have extra weight I can shift, so I’m bringing in the big guns and using a VLCD (very low calorie diet).

Now, before you tell me off and quote the age old phrase ‘less calories in, more calories burnt’, please, just stop. A very low calorie diet isn’t harmful to you or your body. Yes, you lose weight quickly, and I suppose if you do weigh very little to begin with, it can be quite daunting. When you’re a lot bigger, losing seven pounds in one week isn’t as big a task as it sounds. It’s nothing to be sniffed at mind, losing half a stone is a huge achievement, but what I mean is, it isn’t dangerous or detrimental to your health when you have stones and stones to lose. In fact, it’s quite a good kick-start. For me it is anyway.

See, that’s the thing with me. I like results. Results spur me on. Boossh gives results. What it also does, is exactly what my dietician and I have been discussing. It strips everything back and allows you to focus on the basics of food. 4 foodpaks gives you all the vitamins, nutrients and goodies your body needs. In actual fact, if you eat very unhealthily, the Boossh diet will feed your body better than you ever can, albeit it with less portions. Ah portions. Portion control is a fat girl’s enemy. Have you ever been to a restaurant and watched your slim friends eat tonnes of food, starters, mains, desserts, while you, the fat friend, make your chicken salad last throughout. You know you can eat more, they know you can eat more, yet you still torture yourself by remaining hungry when all you want to do is eat the sundae. Well, from my experiences. You should just eat the sundae. Shaming yourself only leads to over-eating eventually (when you get home and make a sandwich!) Portion control is not as easy as they make out it is, but it’s so important. Again, that’s where Boossh comes in. The paks are all you need, and all you can have. There’s no thinking involved, no choice. You can’t just add another spoonful of rice because the plate looks a little empty, or top your dinner with a little cheese because it tastes so good. You get what you’re given.

I am of course referring to Boossh’s total plan; they do have various plans which are less intense, but the total plan is strict and rigid. Something that I adore. I need my choices taken away from me while I learn to understand how my body works again. It sounds so stupid and obvious. But you know when they say that sometimes you’re just thirsty? Well it’s true, and it’s something that I need to realise. The difference between wanting chocolate or maybe just wanting to ring a friend. Do I really crave a takeaway or am I so programmed into the mindset of Friday night in, must eat Chinese?

It’s a learning curve, I know. When I say curve, I think it’s a learning mile for me. What I will say is, however, I’m not setting out to be thin. A few years ago, when I was 17-21 I was a size 16 and I was happy. I loved fashion and shopping. I was never shy about dressing up, and encouraged it throughout my friendship group. In fact I always remember my friend saying she knew she could never look ‘too dressed up’ when she was with me, because I was constantly in dressy dresses and skirts. I have maintained this dressiness since going up a (few) dress sizes, but it’s not the same. I can’t do as much as I used to and I tire easily. This body is alien to me and while I am a firm believer in advocating women of all sizes, I’m also a firm believer in body confidence within yourself. Whether that be at a size 6 or 26, if you feel like YOU, you’re doing it right. I have never believed that a size 8 automatically equals healthy. I know a girl who is a size 18, eats right and runs almost daily. She is super healthy. And I do believe that being comfortable with yourself is as healthy as you can get.  I’ll be reporting back at the end of this week with a round up of how it’s going!

Visit the Boossh Website here to find out more about it.

I had the dreaded headaches pretty much throughout this week, although I combatted them with lots of water, it really helps! I’ve noticed my skin’s breaking out a little, which is understandable due to the toxins being purged from my body (yuck that sounds horrible doesn’t it!). However as for the actual diet, it’s been fine to follow. In fact, without sounding like a prat, it’s been relatively easy. It’s obviously difficult to get over the fact that you’re only eating packaged food rather than anything super fresh- I should say at this point that Boossh do allow certain veggies and meats on this diet, I chose not to incorporate them this week- but in terms of portion control and the realisation of how much you’re really putting into your mouth it’s an eye opener.

This week has made me realise just how many calories you can drink on a regular basis too. For example, one bottle of coca cola is a HUGE 240 calories- which is roughly around the amount in a Boossh meal pak. Crazy isn’t it? I’m also liking the fact that I don’t have to think or prepare food on a daily basis, which I know sounds really lazy, but sometimes at night I just can’t be bothered to make up my lunch for the next day. This then usually means I’ll nip to the local convenience store and buy a packaged sandwich (hello calories)!! With the paks, it’s convenient and easy. I just popped a week’s worth into my bag and kept them in my desk drawer. They’re also super easy to make up, you just need hot water/cold water and a microwave!

My favourites so far are definitely the mint mango shake and ALL of the meal paks. They’re actually really tasty. I’ve been on a VLCD before as I’ve said, and the thing that I really missed was savoury chewing, and this is something that Boossh have definitely got right! So, I’m sure you want to know how much I’ve lost this week, right? Well I’m pleased to report that I’ve lost eight pounds! I know that they say that a lot of your first week’s weight loss is probably water weight. But it’s a good starting point, and a real push to get to that first stone! Over and out. Till next week!

This week the headaches were much less frequent and if I did get one, I just took a couple of paracetamols and it went away pretty easily. I think to be honest I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should have been, which I know is naughty! I haven’t felt as tired this week as I usually do, which is a tell tale sign that my body is getting used to not having that sugar or carb high and is working in a different way to release energy! I’m feeling very optimistic, and while I know that Boossh probably isn’t a longterm solution for me in terms of weight loss, it’s letting me learn about my body and when I’m really hungry versus when I’m not. It’s a really funny thing isn’t it, weight gain, weight loss and weight in general. Some people eat to live, and some live to eat. I think that food is obviously a big part of so many people’s lives, and I know I’m lucky to have so much choice (although it doesn’t mean I can eat it ALL!). I’m starting to understand more about what my dietician tells me in regards to taking in what your body needs, rather than what you fancy.

This week I have been experimenting more with my savoury paks and have been adding meat and veggies, it’s a little bit more hassle than just using the paks, but it’s good when you want something a little more substantial. I can’t quite describe the main meals properly but I’ll try. You cook them with water and put them in the microwave, they’re powdered like space food and suck up the water. I think actually the best way to describe some of them is like a pot noodle? The food rehydrates, and I think the texture is similar to a pot noodle. Especially the ones that have ‘meat’ in them- it’s kind of like that fake chicken in pot noodles. I don’t mind that texture, and if you do, then obviously you could choose to add veggies or meat into your pak! I think my ultimate favourite this week is the spaghetti bolognese. It’s not bad at all. And I’ve really liked the porridges this week as the weather’s been awful, and sometimes you want something that’s actually like a cereal and not just a shake. I haven’t come across a pak I don’t like enough not to eat, although I’m not entirely keen on the soups, but that’s my personal choice. I think at this early stage, a meal pak in the afternoon aswell as at night are ok for me. They’re a little more filling. I lost 3 pounds this week, which is still great, but next week I’ll be aiming to drink more water! TOTAL LOSS- 11 pounds!

(Due to a previously unknown potential medical issue aswell as a new specific nutrition plan from my dietician, I have postponed the Boossh diet for a short while. Please note this is nothing to do with the diet itself, which my dietician was happy for me to do at the time, nor does it reflect badly on Boossh as it is a very safe diet for the majority of people, even with certain medical issues. This is why I have decided to keep the post up, to inform anyone who is considering the diet of my experience. If you do have any medical issues yourself, however, I’d advise you to talk to your GP before undergoing any kind of VLCD)


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