The Big Closet Clearout

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to go through her wardrobe.

You may realise this is necessary when you realise you can no longer close the doors neatly shut. Or it might be when you spend hours looking for something to wear, and still can’t find the garment or accessory that you were seeking. It can even just be a change of season that means your closet needs a thorough changeover, such as when you pack away your summer dresses and exchange them for the tights and woolly jumpers of winter.

Whatever the reason, few women relish the idea of cleaning out their closet. It’s a time-consuming task that may make life easier when it’s done, but sure doesn’t do much to excite you in the process. If you’re heading for a closet clearout, then here are a few things you’re going to need to keep in mind– after all, if you’re doing a clearout, you might as well make sure you do it right!

#1 – Be Ruthless

There’s little point in going through a closet clearout if you’re going to end up with the same over-stuffing problems in a few months time. Look through every garment in the closet and ask yourself:


  1. When did I last wear this?
  2. What would I wear with this if I had to wear it tomorrow?


If you hesitate for more than a few seconds on either question, unsure of the answer, then it’s a sign that the item in question should probably go. It’s a good idea to organise yourself a rubbish collection to prevent you having to take the unwanted items to the tip; you can visit Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal and businesses who offer similar services and choose one that suits you. With this option, you can carry on decluttering without letting waste junk pile up in your bedroom– and there’s less risk of a last minute change-of-heart on an item you’d decided to part ways with!

#2 – Write Down Everything You Own

Yes, this makes a time-consuming task even more time-consuming, but it will save you so much hassle and worry in the months to come. Note down what the item is and how you’re planning on storing it, so if you need to find it in a hurry in future, you’ve got the information you need to hand. Using Google Sheets to note each item and its new location will work wonders.

#3 – Only Items You Can Wear Right Now Deserve A Place In Your Closet

Most women’s closets have items of varying sizes, from the pair of jeans you wear when you’re a little lighter to the comfy sweats you retreat to when you’re feeling a little heavier. As a general rule, it’s best to only keep items in your closet that you can wear at the time of decluttering. If anything is too small or too loose, then relegate it to another storage area rather than your main closet– you should try to cultivate a closet where anything that comes to hand is perfectly suited to your body right now, not at some undetermined point in the future.

The reward for the time you spend cleaning out your closet is better organisation, a better sense of the options you have available to you, and even the rediscovery of clothes you had forgotten you owned. So take a deep breath and throw yourself into the task– you, and your style, will feel so much better for it when you’re done!


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