Bespoke on a Budget: It Can Be Done

When you hear the phrase ‘bespoke interior design’, what do you think? Do you think about luxurious rooms filled with the finest decorations and appliances — all made to order, of course? Do you think about high-end residential apartments where there is not one thing out of place, not even the slightest detail? If you do think these things, then you can be forgiven for doing so. Bespoke equals quality. Bespoke equals luxury. But, bespoke does not have to equal expensive. And if you think it does, then you are wrong. You can create a bespoke style and design in your home on a budget. If you want to know how, then make sure to read on.

Reupholster and Upcycle

Creating bespoke interiors on a budget is something that can be done in the world of modern day design, and the best way to do it is to simply take to a bit of DIY. Specifically, the best way to do it is to reupholster and upcycle all your old things. Instead of taking your old three piece suite to your local tip, for instance, why not breathe new life into it by reupholstering it and changing its colour? Instead of throwing out that old lampshade, why not indulge yourself in a spot of upcycling — the reusing of old items creatively — and turn it into something that matches the style of your new design? Getting frugal and creative in these ways means you avoid shelling out loads of your hard earned cash on new items, plus it means you can choose the exact design. Basically, it means you have complete creative control of your design. And what is more bespoke than that? Check out these great tips on some of the things in your home that can be upcycled creatively. You never know, if you decide to one day sell your upcycled item, then you may find you make some money out of nothing for doing so.

Find inspiration

But you don’t just have to refurbish your unwanted items. No, you can bring in new things to your home by all means. But, as is the theme here, new does not have to equal expensive. If you are stuck for inspiration when it comes to your new bespoke design, then why not take it from luxury interior designers? Even if you see an item, or a service, out of your budget range, it doesn’t mean you cannot garner inspiration from what you see, does it? It doesn’t mean you cannot spot a nice lamp that you like, and try and find a cheaper alternative elsewhere. For instance, when building that stylish kitchen you’ve always wanted, what is the harm in heading down to a showroom, finding some inspiration, but then sourcing your items and appliances from a much cheaper alternative?

And if you want to truly embrace the meaning of bespoke and have certain things specifically tailored to your home, then you can still do so with a budget in place. There has been a rise in affordable tailoring in recent years, both in regards to interior design and clothing. So, if you want to bespoke your wardrobe as well as your home without spending too much, then go ahead and find a way to do it. Because there are most certainly ways to do it!


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