The Beauty Of Purposeful Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not just something you can consider on the day. It’s an important process, up there with the catering, the venue hire and the dress. If it’s done poorly, you’ll surely know about it, so exercising your ability to find the perfect wedding photographer is a big deal.

So with that in mind – here’s what you should be looking for in a prospective wedding photographers portfolio, long before you hire them.


Of course, outdoor lighting is not always something that can be controlled, but a photographer will know how to frame the shots to make the bride look positively angelic, and the groom as if he was the most excellent hero of the day. Angling, framing and knowing how close to the subject to shoot should be in the forefront of the photographer’s mind, and choosing the right options should be an effort in instinct more than slow deliberation.

After all, the photographer only has a short amount of time to react to the pace of the day. They can’t always have everyone pose in predetermined locations, smiling and looking jovial towards their camera lense. The best local wedding photographers will have a keen eye and be able to complete this framing within a matter of seconds, so the moments of importance are never missed, and the whole day is categorized well.

Multiple Angles

Following on from this last point, multiple photographers, even if one is professional one is an intern, can give you the perfect surrounding coverage of your event, so when you come to recall the day you aren’t lacking any details at all. It’s likely that many simultaneous stories are taking place on your wedding day at once, with yours at the top in terms of importance. Framing the event from multiple perspectives like this will not only give your beautiful wedding story the attention is deserves, but it’ll will, at the same time, be able to capture all of the joy of your audience, and the coming together of two families.


Everyone you invite will try and look their best on your wedding day. Not only will you look simply stunning (even if you are currently stressing about what wedding dress to choose,) but those in attendance are likely to make a stellar effort in looking presentable and beautiful. It’s rare that your entire family is dressed in their absolute best, but when it occurs, it can feel simply wonderful. Seeing people at their utmost beauty is something which can pluck at the heart strings, and is memorable long after the event finishes. A good photographer will know how to highlight these strengths.


Purposeful wedding photography will help display what makes your family unique, allowing the collective personality to fully shine through. This can act as a milestone in the coming together of two families, as two kooky group personalities merge, and the wedding photos done right will show this. This is what makes your wedding photos highly personal and worthy of fond recollection from year to year.

Knowing what to look for can help you enjoy the best of your big day, knowing that the photography is taken care of, and taken care of well. We hope these tips help you.




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