Back to Nature: 5 tips for Moving From the City to the Country

Once, people flocked from the countryside to the city. Now, the reverse is happening: people have decided that the stresses and strains of living in a large city are no longer worth it, deciding instead that the simple joys of the outdoors and small town life offer a better quality of life, for them and their family. However, making a move won’t be a walk in the park (though you’ll be doing plenty of walking): it’ll be a challenge, just like any other move. Below, we’ve put together five tips to ensure you don’t go running back to the city.

Understand What It Entails

There aren’t too many people who have visited the countryside on a fresh spring day or a crisp autumn morning, and not thought: “wow, I could live here”. There’s a reason that these places are popular with tourists. However, visiting an area is much different from living there. Before you commit to the move, make sure you understand what exactly small town, country life is like. Ideally, you’d spend a week in the dead of winter before moving: it might just make you realise that it’s better staying where you are.

Be Prepared For Chaos

That’s not to put you off moving: if you know it’s right for you, then go ahead. Every move from one home to another is chaotic, but moving to the country is a different game altogether. For starters, those narrow country lanes are difficult to navigate at the best of times, let alone when you have all your possessions in the back; leave the job of transporting your goods to professional movers. It’ll let you focus on getting your country home spick and span, as a lot of country homes are older, and more prone to dirt. There might not be a shop selling anything you need just around the corner, so bring the essentials with you!

Stay Close to a City

You can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy. You may have grown to resent manic city life, but you’ll still feel a pull to spend time there from time to time. When picking where you’re going to live, make sure that you’re too far away from a major city: it’s comforting to know that you can always see a gig, visit a museum, or just enjoy a fancy cocktail when the mood strikes.

Small Town Living

You’ll notice quickly that small town living is a lot slower than city life, and that everyone seems to know each other. This is the community that you’ve moved in to, so get involved and make an effort to know your neighbours. You’ll be seeing them on a near daily basis, so it’ll make integrating into your new life all the more straightforward!

Don’t Change Your Character

Remember: you’re not changing everything about yourself. Stay true to who you are, and throw yourself into your new life. If it doesn’t work out, the city will always be there!


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