Amazing Ways to Bring More Personality into Your Home

Your home is a representation of who you are. You don’t want it to look and feel like a heartless showroom, you want it to feel like your home – your cosy, comforting sanctuary. If you want to give your home some more personality, read on for some top tips.

  1. Liven up the walls – Is your home currently painted a boring magnolia colour? While this provides the perfect base for you to build upon with any furniture you like, it can also be a little bit bland. Why not switch things up with different coloured paint? One of the best ways to add some personality is to create an accent wall – this is one wall in the room that is different from the rest. This is something you can easily do yourself. For example, you could use decorators tape to create a striped wall. Or, why not get the wall wallpapered in a beautiful floral design? The options are endless!
  2. Focus on the entrance – When you enter your home, you should feel relaxed, welcomed, and warm. However, so many homeowners neglect their entrance. It tends to be boring! You can combat this with ease. Why not include some photographs of your loved ones? Seeing photos of your friends and family will make you feel happy whenever you come home. Not only this, but it will be inviting to your guests too, and so it is a perfect way to set the right mood.
  3. Think outside of the box – If you want to bring some quirky home interiors into your home, there are many creative ways you can go about it. Look for quirky accessories online, and you will find everything from skulls heads to phones in the design of a Scotty dog. Why not invest in a traditional London themed telephone box as a bookcase? The sky is well and truly the limit. If you cannot find what you have in mind, create it yourself. You will take much more pleasure and pride in something you have made with your own hands.
  4. Add your own creations – This leads on from the former point perfectly. One of the best ways to add your personality to your home is to adorn rooms with your own creations. After all, there is no better way to reveal a bit about yourself than with something you have made! Plus, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece that cannot be found anywhere else.  
  5. Put your favourite flowers on display – There are many benefits associated with flowers, not only do they improve cognitive thinking and reduce stress, but they can boost overall wellbeing as well. Adding some fresh flowers to your home will make a massive difference.
  6. Display your accomplishments – Last but not least, displaying your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are, is a great way to make your home about you. It shows your personality, achievements, and goals. If you are feeling down, you are bound to have a smile on your face when you come across your medals, diplomas and such like.

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