Adding A Touch Of Vintage To Your Home

Modern interiors have their own unique style and flair, but a new love for old style is becoming apparent, both in fashion and in interior designs. Some people admire the classic charm of the bygone era, others might feel that vintage decor is more subtle and simplistic than contemporary designs. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to blow your budget to make your house look vintage; here are just a few touches you can add to each room in your house to evoke the style of your desired period.


Surprisingly, you only need to change one or two things in the bathroom to make it look instantly vintage. An exposed shower head and piping will add a vintage feel to even the most modern bathroom. A detached tub recalls a time when indoor plumbing was scarce, but now looks gloriously spacious. If you don’t have much freedom with the fixtures, then you just need to focus your attention on the colour scheme. The Victorians were obsessed with cleanliness, so all their bathrooms were decorated in pure white tones. A Craftsman style was inspired by nature, and so had a lot of greens and browns. The Art Deco age brought about an interest in vibrant hues, such as yellow, blue, green, and pink. Paint your bathroom in the style you like most, or mix and match for a modern twist.

Living room

A few select decorations around the living room can create a vintage style in the living room, even if your budget can’t quite afford period furniture. A vintage mirror would look gorgeous hanging in an optimum; the more ornate the frame, the more antique it will look. Antique Dutch time pieces can come in a variety of sizes; either small enough to fit on the counter, or you could splurge on a grandfather clock if you want to make a bigger impact. A chandelier instantly adds class and elegance to a tiny and otherwise dull space, but make sure you choose one that won’t overwhelm the room.


There might be some initial hesitation in giving the kitchen a vintage makeover; just because you prefer a classic style, doesn’t mean you don’t love your modern appliances. But it’s easy to create a vintage look with your fixtures. Dull metals, such as copper, nickel, or oiled bronze give your kitchen a dated look, and they go very well with farmhouse sinks. You don’t have to go completely retro either; buying 50s style appliances will also complete your kitchen’s vintage makeover.


An easy way to suggest a certain period is by giving your floor a period makeover. Wood flooring was one of the earliest types of smooth flooring available, which made it a popular choice for in stylish homes. Marble has a very Victorian edge to it, so why not try for square floor tiles with a marble print. If Art Deco is where your heart lies, use hexagonal tiles with bright colours to give the room the right vibe.


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