Adding Hotel Luxury to Your Bedroom

Is there anything better than going to stay in a huge, luxurious hotel? Where you’ve got a big comfortable bed to lounge around in and people to look after you? It’s such a brilliant way to relax, unwind and feel great. But, what’s stopping you re-creating this luxury in your own home bedroom? You could have a bedroom where you can relax and feel like a superstar every day of your life. The best thing is, you can get hotel luxury at home without spending the earth. Let’s think about how.

A Bigger Bed

There are many different sizes of beds, as well as different shapes and styles and what you go for depends on the size of your room, your budget and your personal taste. But, a big bed is exceptionally luxurious and certainly one thing all good hotel rooms have in common. Of course, you’ll also need an incredibly comfortable mattress and pillows, and some high thread count, soft sheets.

Place your new, glamorous bed in the centre of a wall, opposite the door. Make it the focal point and the first thing that you see when you open your door. This will help you to feel relaxed and happy as soon as you enter the room.


Think of the last hotel you went to; did it have seating? Most do, and not just the basic desk and chair. They often also have a comfortable sofa or large armchair. Get whatever you’ve got space for without overcrowding your room.

There’s normally seating in hotel bedrooms to add functionality. You don’t just sleep in these rooms. You get changed, you do your makeup, you spend other time in there. Adding seating at home can have the same effect. A comfortable sofa or chair can give you a quiet space to relax or read a book away from other home stresses.

Think of the Floor

How you start the day can have a huge effect on your mood for the rest of it. Starting your morning by stepping on a soft and comfortable floor can set the day off just right. If you prefer a wooden floor, which can also look glamorous and cool, consider a soft and fluffy rug at the side of your bed so that it’s the first thing you step on in the morning.

When it comes to flooring, you should also consider underlay and underfloor heating to keep your room warm and add an extra layer of comfort.


Mirrors are an excellent way of adding glamour and making a room seem larger than it actually is. Add a large mirror to your wall or dresser for the best effects.


Your walls should be relatively plain, in a light shade to avoid overwhelming and help you to get a good night’s sleep. If you want to add some colour, light blue or purple can be a fantastic choice for the bedroom. Add some artwork or framed posters sparsely to ensure they stand out and draw focus.


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