How To Add Character & Warmth To Your Living Space

When you’re designing your home, you can often pick out a lot of different decor ideas, colours, and pieces of furniture that you like. As you do this, it can become apparent that not everything works well together. Although everything is your taste, it doesn’t always give you the look what you were hoping for. A lot of the time, it’s because two key homely touches are missing; character and warmth. Both elements ensure that you living space has a perfect look. Whether you’re working with a new build or you’re trying to spice up a cool looking room, here’s how you can add some life back into your living space.

Use Warm Colours

The first issue could be with those colours that you’re choosing. When you want to make sure that your living space is warm and full of character, you have to use warm colours. Although cool greys and pretty blues can be super stylish, they will always give off a cold finish. This can mean that you’re not quite able to create the look you were hoping for. But with a warm colour palette featuring lots of browns and reds, oranges and even beige, you will find that your space is super cosy all year round.

Use Texture

Next, you should think about the different textures that you have in the room. Although modern styles can look very chic, they lack personality. So, you’re going to want to use wooden furniture for a warm finish. Wood also allows you to add one kind of texture into the space. Then, you can work on building up more with your textiles. Whether you go for wool or faux fur, cotton or fleece, you’ll find that you can instantly create a warmer finish, even with an eclectic mix of it all.

Add A Working Fire

Creating character can often feel like an impossible task. Although it is hard to create something warm and homely in a bland and cold space, adding in a working fire is one way to get an instant warm effect. Whether you choose a working fire or a wood burner, complete with your insulating flue liner, you’ll be able to add actual warmth to the room as well as character. It can also come in handy during long and cold winters!

Work With Warm Lighting

Another reason for why your space could be lacking in warmth could be down to your choice of lighting. When you’ve got really bright lights, you will find that the space can have a cool finish. So, you should aim to work with lighting colours to create the effect that you need. Warmer bulbs and light should help you to brighten a space up and still keep some character.

Add Personality

Finally, you should also aim to bring some personality into the living room. Although minimalism is quite modern, it will give you a cold finish. So, you’re going to want to add in fun finishing touches that you can off your personality. With ornaments and decorative touches, you should finish with a look that screams cosy home.


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