Add A Little Vintage Styling To Your Workwear

If your dress code at work is flexible, then boy do I have some gorgeous pieces you will want to incorporate into your work wardrobe. Around 12 years ago, the vintage scene really exploded. From teens borrowing pieces from their Mum’s wardrobes to high street stores like Topshop doing reclaimed and vintage pieces, you were only cool if your outfits were acceptable in the 80s.

There are the die-hard fans who continued to keep buying vintage or vintage designs, but the vintage fashion industry was diluted by newer pieces and collections that too precedent. This season, however, vintage is back in a big way and if you haven’t got enough time to be hunting down one-off pieces, there are lots of companies who do vintage inspired pieces like Hellbunny above. Bonus points for fellow plus size gals are that a) the below dresses come in our sizes and b) the 1950s full circle skirt hides every lump and bump which is ideal for me.

Accessories are another great way to add a little vintage touch to your outfit. What could be more vintage in jewellery than pearls? There’s something so decadent and elegant about pearls and they really do remind me of times gone by. Starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have both been pictured in pearls, so we’re certainly in good company. These stunning pieces from Goldsmiths include semi-precious gemstones and gold too for something truly special.

Of course, shoes are a great way to add a bit of pizzazz to an outfit. The fabulous courts from Lotus are great for day or night, and their styling and silhouette is traditional while their detailing is wholly modern and fresh. From ombre colours to laser cut detail, these shoes are the perfect mixture of old and new.

Stunning retro dresses at Hellbunny.

Spectacularly beautiful pearl earrings at Goldsmiths.

The perfect women’s shoes for work or play at Lotus.




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