A Hen Party Really CAN Be an Elegant Affair: Three Ideas to Consider

When you think of hen parties it’s easy to picture everyone getting messy with lots of alcohol, suggestive accessories and everyone well and truly letting their hair down! While this might be ideal for some, it can sound like nothing short of a nightmare for others. However if a classic hen party isn’t your style, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea completely. At the end of the day your wedding and the celebrations are all about you, and so it makes sense that you’d tailor things to suit your own tastes. There are lots of ways that your hen party can be a classy affair, here are a few ideas.

Spa day

Wedding planning can be intense, and after months of hard work chances are you really just want to relax before the big day. So what better way to spend your hen celebrations than with a trip to a spa? It’s something that both you and your girlfriends will all enjoy and is a chance to get some relaxation and pampering done before the big day. Enjoy some massages, manicures, pedicures and range of other treatments. You can go swimming and tuck into a healthy light lunch- ideal if you’re watching your figure before the wedding! It’s a chance for you all to catch up and have chance to speak properly without lots of alcohol being involved!

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is an old tradition that’s made a huge comeback in recent years. Enjoy elegant finger sandwiches and petite savouries and cakes with some tea, coffee, or even some champagne! Lots of places host afternoon tea, you could go with something like a fancy hotel or gorgeous manor house or a high end cafe or restaurant. If you look on places like Groupon and Wowcher there are a ton of options and you could save yourself some money in the process. Alternatively you could host it at home, decorate the garden with flowers and pastel helium balloons and lay out the table with lots of tasty treats. Invest in some vintage champagne from Oddbins to do some toasts if you want to make your afternoon tea sparkle. However if you or any of your guests are pregnant (or don’t drink) simple enjoy the occasion with some traditional tea.

Country Retreat

Party locations like Ibiza, Malaga and Magaluf are popular with hen parties, but again if you’re not going down the party/ boozy route then they probably won’t appeal. However you could still do a weekend away or mini break, how about a trip to the countryside? Places like the Lake District, the Cotswolds and Pembrokeshire will all give you stunning views, and you could enjoy tasting the local food and shopping in the quaint towns while you’re away. Find a nice hotel to stay in and enjoy a classy and relaxed break which will do you the world of good before you get married!

Are you planning on having a more elegant hen party from tradition? What kinds of things do you want to do?


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