6 Simple Ways To Instantly Look Better

Some people seem to naturally always look their best. They step out into the world, turning heads following their every move. The rest of us, meanwhile, wake up hoping it’s one of those days when everything comes together and we look at our absolute peak. But what if, instead of hoping the beauty Gods bestow us with their gifts, we were able to take control and introduce a few simple ways to look good? Well, it turns out that we can. Below, we offer six simple beauty secrets that’ll make you ready for whenever you’re asked to pose for a photograph.

Happy, Smiley Person

You can be wearing rags, your hair can be a mess…but if you can flash one gorgeous smile, then it’s all good because the room will be yours. While everyone knows they should be brushing a couple of times a day, and visiting the dentist every few months, that won’t be enough for those show-stopping smiles. Consider whitening your teeth; there’ll be pearly white, and this is enough for people to think “gosh, they’re attractive,” or so say the scientists!

A Good Hair Day, Everyday

Like our teeth, our hair can make or break our day. It’s a funny thing: sometimes it just works, sometimes it just doesn’t. When it does work, boy oh boy, do we feel confident. You can remove the ‘luck’ element out of your hair day by adding hair extensions, ensuring that your hair always looks healthy and voluptuous. Scientists also say that this means us look young and healthy, which will give you an advantage when it comes to looking good!

Go for Red

If you need a bit of a boost, go through your wardrobe and see what red items you have. For reasons unknown, people have been shown to respond to the colour red more than any other. If you have a killer red dress and a jaw-dropping shade of red lipstick, then you’ll have a killer combo. Prepare for jaws to hit the floor!

Hit the Shade

If you’re really in a pinch or lacking confidence in your appearance, then do what the pros do and move into the shade. Bright lights can expose all our shortcomings, especially if these deficiencies are things like a bad skin day, and will draw attention to our better features. As a general rule, you should try to find what light works for you – and stay there!

Fake it till You Make It

Even the most beautiful of specimens can look a little…bland if they’re not working their confidence. On the other hand, someone who isn’t looking their best can suddenly become much more attractive if they are looking confident and happy within themselves. If you’re not feeling confident, just fake it: no one can tell the difference, and you might just convince yourself that you are confident in the process!

The Final Rule: Think

Finally, if you’re struggling to look your best, just think: you’ll have a go-to outfit that you look amazing in!


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