5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

The question you perhaps need to ask yourself, is what does this wedding truly mean to you – is it a chance to connect and signify the bond between the two of you, or is it more to flex your social muscles and show the world just how happy, and/or affluent you are.  Indeed, many weddings have an element of subtle competitiveness about them, in the sense that people judge each other’s weddings, secretly rating them on an invisible scale – yet is this really what a wedding should be about?

Have you ever noticed, how you can go to the cheapest and most basic wedding reception, perhaps in a village hall – with the right people – and it is way more fun, fulfilling and enriching than an extravagant wedding with no expense spared?

The reality is that your wedding is your special day, and there’s no reason it has to be a big show for everyone else to see… indeed, you could choose to hop on a plane and get married on a private beach, on some tropical island, where the two of you just enjoy each other.  This way, you would be saving a fortune on the wedding itself, meaning you could take a few weeks to have a truly luxurious trip of a lifetime – which might be more memorable and meaningful than one big party that costs a fortune!

In this article, you’re going to find seven ways to save money on your wedding incorporating aspects such as logistics, venue, and food.



There are certain dates, and times, that are more popular than others, now, nobody wants to have a wedding on a really inconvenient date that means it’s a struggle for people to attend – but if you are on a budget, then simply moving your wedding day from a Saturday to a Friday can make a pretty significant difference in cost.

2. DIY

Look at what aspects of the wedding you, or your family and friends can do yourself – for instance, if someone is keenly creative and enjoys working with flowers, you can save a ton of money by going to a wholesale flower market and making your own arrangements… this way, you’re saving money on hiring a florist whilst also giving your wedding a more personal touch.


There’s nothing wrong with ‘putting your guests to work’ in the sense of helping with the arrangements, indeed, this can make people feel more connected and pull together as a family – be this folding napkins or making name cards… of course, you don’t necessarily want your Aunt and Uncle to be stuck behind a makeshift bar serving drinks all night, so there’s a need to have some staff in place… yet there are a number of ways you can get your guests involved in the more creative activities.



The majority of people opt for a church, followed by a nice hotel to host the reception, yet there are a number of quirky alternatives for both the ceremony and the reception that can save a lot of money whilst offering something even more enchanting.  For instance, you could hire out a farm for the night – giving your wedding a more rustic theme, whilst providing tons of space to host your ceremony and reception.

It’s a good idea to look into marquee hire if you’re considering something like this, as the last thing you want is to all be stood out in the open if the weather takes a turn for the worse – it also just makes sense, as it’s a focal point of activity that people are drawn toward.

With regard to venue hire, you can find some good deals on more traditional places such as hotels but be sure to negotiate hard in order to get the best deals – in fact, one of the best strategies is to go in at the start of the month, get their initial price, make a counter-offer (which they will likely reject) and explain that you’ll call back toward the end of the month to see if there’s anything you can do.

The reason this approach works so well, is that most event organisers within large hotels work on commission, or at least, they have solid targets to meet each month – so toward the end of the month, that person might be feeling more desperate to make a sale, in which case they will be more willing to pull out all the stops and find a way to make the deal work!



A rustic themed wedding, as discussed above, opens the door to a much more relaxed and informal approach where a collaborative effort is more acceptable – for instance, some people could be tasked with making the sausage rolls, whilst others can be taking care of sandwiches and so on… if you get each guest to bring a particular dish, then you’ll seen have a banquet style feast for people to tuck into – all at little to zero cost for you.

The other consideration, with a buffet, is that it’s very low hassle in terms of preparation and serving – you simply set up some tables, paper plates, and plastic cutlery then leave the dishes on the table for people to tuck into.

6. BBQ

If you’re planning a summer wedding, like most people tend to opt for, then having a barbecue can be a cost effective and tasty way to feed all the hungry mouths in attendance; now gas barbecues tends to be the most convenient and less messy, yet charcoal has that uniquely summery feel about them as the sweet smoky fragrance arouses the taste buds of everyone within range.


This isn’t the cheapest option, but it can be a lot cheaper than traditional catering – and is often much tastier too.  Today, there are many artisanal food trucks that can be found at street food markets throughout the country, yet many will be available to attend a wedding, for a fixed cost.


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