5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Wedding Day Success

Now, we all want to have the best wedding day ever, but alas, sometimes fate goes against us. Try as we might, there’s just something that goes wrong. Yet while there can be no guarantees that a wedding day will be perfect from beginning to end, there are things you can do that’ll help increase your chances. Below, we take a look at five actions that will make it more likely that your day will be a hit rather than a miss.

Get the Timing Right

It’s all in the timing. Plan your wedding for one date, and it all goes off perfectly. Plan it for another, and it’s just not quite as sparkling as it could have been. Of course, the weather plays a big role. Even if most of what you’re doing takes place indoors, it’s always nicer to move from the car to the door in glorious sunshine! If you’re in the UK, you’ll just have to put it sometime during late Spring and Summer, and hope for the best. Also, try to avoid the big holidays during the year – people are more likely to have plans around those times.

Those Troublesome Souls

Ah, the guest list. It’s not easy getting it down to a number you’re happy with without offending at least one person. However, sometimes it’s not about numbers – it’s about attitude. If there’s someone in your family who has a reputation for causing trouble at family get-togethers, you’ll want to check that they’re in a good space before adding them to the list. Weddings only work well if everyone is on the same positive page, and it only takes our troublemaker to bring the atmosphere down.

Work With The Experts

This is likely to be your first time planning a wedding, and, as such, you’re not going to have much of an idea of what you’re supposed to be doing. As such, while you can arrange everything by yourself, sometimes it’s better to get the trusted help of wedding planners instead. They’ll know how to organise the day, what works and what doesn’t, and much more that you wouldn’t otherwise know. In the process, you’ll be making it more likely that everything will go off without a hitch, and that everything will look perfect, too.

Go Big On What People Love

Your wedding day is about you, but let’s be realistic here: it’s the guests that will make or break the wedding. As such, it’s worthwhile making sure that they need to have a good time. If they’re well fed, are topped up with drinks, and have a large dance floor on which to throw their shapes, then they’ll be sure to have a good time.

Learn to Enjoy

And finally, remember that the vibe of the wedding is going to come from you! Learn to enjoy the whole process, roll with the punches when they land, and otherwise keep in mind that the day is all about your love, and you’ll have a great day.



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