3 Brilliant Ways You Can Make Your Home Smell As Good As It Looks

The majority of the time, if we want to improve our home, we spend a lot of time looking at ways to make the interior look nicer. However, I find that getting a home to look nice is only part of the solution. As well as this, we need to think about how our home smells. It may sound a bit weird, but think about it, a nice smelling home greatly improves the way it feels. Sure, you could have exceptional interior design, but if your house has a weird smell to it, then it will never truly be complete! So, here are a few ways you can make your home smell as good as it looks…

Open Your Windows Every Day

Regardless of how cold it is outside, you need to open your windows every single day. This contributes to making your home smell nicer as it lets fresh air into your property. This completely cuts out that almost stale odour you get from time to time. You know what I mean, right? Like when you stay in your room all weekend long having a Netflix binge, and the room just doesn’t smell ‘fresh’ anymore. Open your windows, let fresh air circulate through your house, and it will massively improve the way it smells.

Find The Cause Of Any Weird Smells

Some houses smell because something is causing a constant bad odour. Commonly, this comes from the drains or pipes in your home. You may be smelling things from the sewage pipe that’s coming through the bathroom and causing a really nasty smell. If this is the case, then a drain company can sort it out and help get rid of the smell forever. The same applies to any other causes of smells in your home. It sounds gross, but a lot of bad smells can come from dead animals, like birds or mice, in your attic. Again, get someone in to help with this. On a much less disgusting level, it could just be the smell from your fridge. In which case, an odour diffuser works wonders!

Invest In Quality Candles

Now, there are many ways you can bring nice smells into your home, to improve the overall atmosphere. I’ve experimented with regular air freshener sprays, those things you plug in the wall, reed diffusers – everything. But, I find that candles are just the best solution. They create a nice, even scent, which lasts for a long time. What’s more, they look super cute, and you can literally find a candle in any scent you like. Lighting a candle in your rooms for a couple of hours a day really improves the way it smells, particularly if you opened the windows for a bit beforehand to let fresh air in!

It will amaze you how different your home feels when it smells nice. It almost brightens everything up and breathes new life into it. I find that good interior design is complemented by nice smells. For a more complete and gorgeous home, don’t just focus on looks, think about smells too!



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